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Dental Implant Removal Surgery Procedures

  • Implants Gone Bad: Removal Procedure
    How to Remove Dental Implants Specialized implants exist for a variety of tissue health conditions that promote the highest degree of osseointegration and biocompatibility for any given tissue area. Short implants, long implants, tapered implants, barrel type, etc. Abutment devices also add more degrees of customization. In this video, short, low profile implants failed in the rear-most (posterior) areas of the jaw. See how dental implants are safely removed without compromising tissue health so future implant replacements can be successful. Video material provided by Edward Brant, DDS, MS of Long Island NY

  • Stopping Implant Failure Before it Happens
    Prevent Implant Failure Dental implant surgeries and bone grafting, like other procedures in dentistry can fail for a variety of reasons. With implant and or bone graft surgeries however, a product or procedure that is "allowed" to completely fail can be devastating. See how proprietary methods of forecasting a risk of failure due to incompatiability enables a Periodontist to swap technologies that eliminate the issue. Video material provided by Edward Brant, DDS, MS of Long Island NY

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