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Bone Cyst Surgery: Mandible Bone Tissue Regeneration

Bone cysts in the upper or lower jaw should be treated when first diagnosed.

The growth process of a cyst destroys and weakens an amount of bone that is larger than the cyst itself. In situtions where a cyst is affecting supportive and connective tissues of teeth, early intervention can assure a strong likelihood of a successful, functional rehabilitation of the affected area..

In this live surgery demonstration, all diseased and compromised tissue are removed. Bone graft products and GTR (guided tissue regeneration) products are used to create an environment where complete tissue regeneration is possible, providing good stabilization for teeth #21 and #22.

Laser technologies are as needed to assure the highest degree of patient comfort during this rehabilitative perio surgery.

Video footage provided by Dr. Marie Schweinebraten, Periodontist, Atlanta GA

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